Where can I shoot?

Where can I shoot?

Not much has changed for me in the last 15 years: location search remains the most difficult part of my job. While a fashion shoot can take place practically anywhere, a nude shoot requires a bit of sensitivity. And so I'm constantly looking for suitable locations. These are my criteria.


My photos are picture stories. So I shoot in series all the time. Maybe calling it a story would be too much, but each of my shoots has at least one topic that allows the viewer to invent a story if he likes to get involved when viewing it.

And when it comes to a naked girl, I need an intimate atmosphere of some kind. The feeling has to be right.

Of course, I've often photographed models in nature. When nature is beautiful, there is nothing to be said against it. But I live in a city. And that makes things more difficult.

Home stories

I prefer to take photos in a homely atmosphere. It can be a completely normal apartment. But the place also has to have a certain charisma. Of course, it works the best when the apartment has plenty of light. So an attic apartment, a loft or a penthouse are even better.

Whether it is an old building with character or an almost sterile penthouse apartment, that doesn't matter.

But it is important that there are good seating options: A great sofa, a nice armchair or a cool chair by a dining table. A pretty carpet works, too.

The feeling just has to be right. The viewer must be able to submerge.

In the end, my pictures are about the girl. But when we have to struggle on set to even find a motive, it becomes difficult. It is therefore easiest in apartments that bring a lot with them. Maybe a corner with lots of plants. A balcony or a terrace. Nice windows. An area that invites you to chill out and that looks cozy. Or a great bathroom. In this case, great means either very modern or very old (almost shockingly old).

The rather scruffy, industrial chic also works well for me. Or just something extraordinary like a ping pong table as a dining table. Or a crazy number of mirrors. A room with lots of indirect light sources is also suitable, especially in winter when it gets dark early.

The interior doesn't have to be terribly expensive! But the apartment must speak a clear language. Have a certain style. And something like that is incredibly difficult to find. So far it has only happened once or twice that someone was able to help me with my search or offered their apartment to take photos.

Most of the time I look on housing portals and then ask for permits. These aren't easy to get, but about every fifth time it works out. The search is terribly time-consuming and frustrating, though. I look at around 500 apartments across Europe before I find a few and finally get a single commitment.

Please contact me

Who can help me?

So I would be so happy if you could help me! The topic of location search is always on my agenda. Anyone who knows a location where I could and may potentially take photos is welcome to contact me.

I don't want anything for free either and of course I pay for the location. I'm looking all over Europe. Who has an idea where I can shoot next?