Calendar 2022

Calendar 2022

Every year starting in August, I get regular emails from people asking about my new calendar. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it and of course I have produced another calendar for the coming year. My 2022 calendar has now been published. As always in a limited edition.


Sometimes it is a little bit scary to me that my calendar has found a small fan base over the years. I would hardly have dreamed of that in 2009, when my first calendar appeared. I listen to the wishes of my customers: A second smaller picture on each calendar sheet — like the one I had two years ago — was really appreciated. That's why I implemented a second miniature photo of each girl again for the 2022 calendar sheets.

January, February and March

Besides that there is not much to say about the calendar photos. The pictures should speak for themselves. No logos, no advertising. Just beautiful women who like to show themselves and photographs that should make you happy for a month.

April, May and June

Paper has become more expensive lately and yet I have chosen a heavier 300g/m² grammage. Thicker paper is just better. But I haven't touched the price. The calendar still costs 30 EUR plus shipping.

July, August and September

Regarding shipping, I should perhaps add that Brexit has thrown Great Britain out of the DHL Europe zone unfortunately. The shipping costs to Great Britain are now just as high as to Switzerland. This is a real shame and I am sorry for this.

And unfortunately the pandemic is not over yet. The shipping costs overseas are immense. Higher than the cost of the calendar, ouch! But unfortunately I have no influence on this either.

October, November and December

The calendar appears in a limited edition every year and usually my stock lasts for a couple of weeks, sometimes even until December. But this year, things were going crazy. The 2022 calendar sold out within four days. Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy. There are even people who order for the 10th year in a row. Wow. Thanks to everyone.

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