Corona: 18 months later

Corona: 18 months later

I would like to give you a little update on how I am doing during the pandemic and what has changed for me in the past 18 months. At the end of last year I was still very optimistic and my watchword was that 2021 can only be better than 2020. Unfortunately, I was not right.


Germany failed to buy enough vaccine. As I didn't see a family doctor for 15 years (only my dentist and specialists) and don't know the right people, this meant, I had to wait very long to get jabbed. I registered for vaccination as soon as it was possible, early in the morning. But I had to wait six more weeks until I got an appointment. In the meantime, I had found a family doctor that was accepting me as a new patient and put me on their list. Therefore I even got vaccinated two weeks earlier than through the official system. This means, finally I am fully vaccinated since August, 25th.

With the handbrake on

When I talk about not being able to work freely again, many people don't understand me. They ask me why I claim that I cannot work properly. Well, everything is so different than before Corona.

80% of my projects are self-commissioned. I used to travel a lot. Often with very tight schedules for cost reasons. For example, I did shootings in Paris without spending the night there. Taking the morning train to Paris and returning with the last one. Or I flew in a model for half a day only.

The vast majority of models is non-German. Working with people from abroad is difficult during a pandemic.

Uncertainties and costs

With the uncertainties of travel and sudden travel warnings, planning ahead has almost become impossible. In addition, there are costs for tests (abroad) and the risk of quarantine always hovers like a threat above everything. Also locations are more difficult to find. With a mask on your face, communication with a model is also more difficult, because a lot happens non-verbal, facial expressions play a role. The whole feeling is different. And this situation affects my creativity a lot.

Before 2020, I used to do many more shoots. Now there are only one or two a month. This means that I am still living on savings and my income is not enough to cover my expenses. I am not writing this to whine. But because these things are often overlooked by politicians and journalists.

During the entire time I received no financial support by the government. Officially they gave money to the creative industry. But I had too many reserves for that — my retirement provision which I need to have being self-employed.

Forgotten people

In May a model I knew died after her AstraZeneca vaccination. She was only 30 years of age. This made me very sad, because after a few days something like that is forgotten. These are such odd times. Many people are being overlooked and forgotten. Multiple stores in Frankfurt had to close. Several hotels are suddenly not here anymore and it looks weird to see Christmas decoration in their windows still in summer. But on instagram people are still playing Perfect World which really annoys me.

Maybe I'll get on a plane again soon and produce photo series abroad. I'm still a little cautious though, as a shoot recently couldn't take place because the model had a positive corona test and couldn't fly.

Productions are always associated with costs. And now I really have to be careful with my expenses. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more time it will take for everything to return to normal. That's why I'm only cautiously optimistic.

It's hard for me to write such a negative blog post, but I am also tired of pretending everything was back to normal. I am healthy, I am willing to work and I am available for jobs — at least I am finally fully vaccinated!