Andalusia, Ibiza, Bruges, Nizza and Paris: Cancelled

Andalusia, Ibiza, Bruges, Nizza and Paris: Cancelled

When the Corona media coverage began end of January, I never thought this would have an impact on my life. I was confident as my planned destinations were far away from China and I was planning to shoot from end of March. But now, everything is cancelled.


Seriously? This is such a pain. It was complicated enough to find the models for my next projects and to coordinate all the bookings. Finding locations and getting permissions wasn't any easier.

And now, all my bookings where I had models confirmed already, went down the drain. I now have to see how I can get refunded. All airlines I booked with are behaving nasty. By law, you are allowed to get your money back on cancelled flights, but they make this unavailable from their websites. They deactivated the login functionality from their sites and only make the button to request a voucher clickable. Then, they don't give out vouchers and say, it will take several weeks until they will get back to you to see if you can receive a voucher at all. I understand that they are in a difficult financial situation. But so am I with more than 10 flights booked (for models and myself). All those were pre-paid by me. Fingers crossed, things will be ok.

To sum it up: Frustrating situation. Not to mention that I cannot work on client projects currently and therefore have only a small income at the moment (through my book sales).

But well, life could be worse.

My renovation project of my office is moving forward, luckily. Still awaiting some new furniture. And I filled the picture frames with four year old photographs. But I am very stoked how it looks already.

As luck would happen, I just have a job coming in while typing this. A client asks me to retouch an editorial. This saved my day! I'm happy again.