Photographers United: Simon Bolz

Photographers United: Simon Bolz

The world-wide Corona crisis hit all of us. Photographer Ben Hammer came up with the idea of creating a blog chain letter where creatives introduce themselves. I found the idea nice and so, this is my contribution to the project.


Who am I?

My name is Simon Bolz. In May, I turn 44. I live in Frankfurt, Germany, but most of them time, I work somewhere in Europe. Preferably with some sunshine.

What am I doing?

I have specialised in sensual nude photography. At the moment I prepare two new books which will be very different. Besides that, I work for magazines and get hired for private boudoir shoots regularly.

How does the Corona crisis affect me?

Basically, all my plans have gone down the drain. Until mid of August, I had already booked eight trips to foreign countries, including locations, permits, flights, model and hotel bookings.

What has the current situation taught me?

I am in a situation that I cannot change. And the whole world is in the same situation. And I learned about the importance of toilet paper stock.

What am I doing with my spare time now?

I began to renovate my office and I am very much looking forward to when this is done. I used to have dark furniture and the new one will be all white. Not so much looking forward to painting the whole room, but I will be happy once it's done.

How you can support me?

At the moment, I have 170 copies of Sublime left (out of a limited edition of 1,200 books). Even in these times, I am driving to the post office three times per week. DHL is delivering as usual, so you can support me by buying a copy or one of my monthly prints.

My plans for the future?

It's difficult for me to think of the future right now. Because noone knows how long this lockdown will last. I have lost some money due to the bookings I made and I don't even know if I will get back any of the money I have invested.

I can't just shoot a few months later, because I am very much dependent on the weather as well. I have had so many new ideas last year and was so eager to work on those this year. I guess, I will just do these things next year then.

My wishes for other photographers?

Stay healthy! Be nice to each other.

My message to the world:

Don't get too crazy, please — especially on social media.

My nominations for this Photographers United project:

Ben Bernschneider and Jean Noir

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