A deeply distressing dream

A deeply distressing dream

When the season ends for me, around October, I begin to plan the year ahead. I search for locations, models, think about themes, styling and book trips. I dislike dark German winter and always look forward to waking up from winter sleep. This year, waking up didn't feel good at all.


Covid rules the world

I swear, I never wanted to write an article about Corona. I try to focus on positive things in life. There's enough of the serious, severe and negative out there. But concentrating on the positive and entertaining aspects has become very difficult. Even for me. As of now, I have booked six models on five trips to foreign countries until end of May.

Uncertain times

Two of those trips to Spain were already cancelled. Being locked down feels strange. Odd. Like being drunk without drinking. I really don't want to complain. I am healthy and all is good. It's just difficult to understand all of this what is happening in the world right now.

For me it is not unusual to do home office. Most of the time, I sit in front of my computer, retouch images, plan things, book trips, coordinate and communicate with models, location owners and search and buy stuff online. At least, this takes up most of the time.

As DHL is still delivering parcels, I am also still wrapping and sending out Sublime books every day. But I have begun working on two new book projects and after a very long winter, it just feels very disturbing not being able to grab the first sunrays and produce new stuff.

Fingers crossed

Meanwhile I am preparing my office. I am painting the walls, cleaning the windows and building new furniture. I just have my fingers crossed and hope the future of 2020 will look better than many people on the news tell us. Currently everything gets cancelled no matter where you look. I just hope some of my booked journeys can happen and I will have new models in front of my lens.

I want to stay positive and wish the best for all of us! Stay healthy!