Sublime Stories (20 of 30)

Sublime Stories (20 of 30)

Let's face it. What do you need for an erotic photograph? A special light atmosphere? A crazily cool styling? An outstanding location? Or maybe, just a beautiful girl? It's a rhetorical question and a relief for us photographers. If beauty is there, we just have to capture it.


Maria is living proof that all it takes is a stunning body and a gorgeous face. There's personality and she is one of the women where I could totally feel, she's a model. She does not pretend to be a model. She embodies the spirit of a model. Untouchable yet present. Arrogant yet kind. Her look is mesmerizing or should I say, her looks are hypnotizing? She lives in her own world and makes us observers want to conquer her planet.

These were my feelings when I first saw Maria. I thought of a Russian woman in a dacha. This week-end home outside with a garden connected to it. And when I saw the tattooed roots on her feet, I felt a strong connection to my idea.

Ten years ago, I had bought a red hammock. It looked so beautiful, I wanted to shoot with it. But I had no idea where. When flying to Mallorca or Ibiza, it was way too large to carry it with me. And I barely shoot in my hometown.

Luckily, I found a guy whose dacha I could rent for a shoot. He received my beautiful hammock in return (and even wanted it autographed by Maria).

Maria signing the hammock

Forbidden Fruits

In late summer, the garden is full of fruits. My theme was born. And I knew what pictures I wanted to take at the dacha.

Maybe you have noticed, there's always some kind of poetry in the titles of my pictorials. I love naming my series. To whatever feeling I had during the shoot or what kind of mood the resulting photographs create. When I see artworks in exhibitions and they are named something like Untitled 1, I find this extremely lame. As if the artist lost all his creativity when he dropped the pencil. And words are poetry. I enjoy this very much. Working multidisciplinary (what a complicated word) is fascinating and rewarding.

Outtake #1

I don't work in German nature very often. I am more used to sandy colors like on beaches or brown tones of rocks. If you shoot with the sun high up but under the trees, you can totally tell, there's a strong green color cast caused by the leaves. It's something hard to solve. Either you use flash light to overpower the sun which I did not want to do or you work on it in post which is difficult to do because the color cast affects the whole image.

I thought about it for a long time and then decided to keep a natural feeling to my photographs. Therefore you can still see green color cast in this series. But I adjusted the green tones towards yellow. I have no idea why, but I am not the only person disliking powerful green tones (even if they come from sunlight through the leaves). Dark greens like in a rainforest are something else. I love those.

Hammock outtake