Sublime Stories (6 of 30)

Sublime Stories (6 of 30)

I knew Franzi for a few years and we wanted to shoot again for a long time. Somehow we postponed again, but one day, she told me she was going to stop modelling and that we could do a final shoot in Berlin in June. I checked flights and booked a return flight for the same day. Quite unusual, but this way, I was traveling light.


With the 7 am airplane, I arrived in the capital city of Germany. Berlin has this cute airport. One that reminds you of an old small town. Flying only with my camera bag, I stepped outside and walked towards the taxi stand.

I knew Berlin bluntness (the rough way locals speak in Berlin) and prepared myself to this. Then the taxi driver approached me: "Welcome to Berlin! I hope you had a good flight." I totally did not expect this. But I knew, this was going to be the start of a great day.

Outtake #1

It is always nice to work with a model for the second time. You don't need to warm up, you know each other. None of these awkward blind date type of feelings. You can concentrate on your work and joke around.

It was a very hot day. Over 30 degrees Celsius. We went to buy some food and drinks, also a can of GDR cola as a prop. I did not use it in my book, but it's always nice to try out some things.

Outtake #2

The location was a recording studio in the middle of Berlin. To be honest, I don't know really where I was. The city is large and I only came here to shoot. As it was a sound studio, we could play loud music during the shoot. This is great to create a laidback atmosphere. I sprayed Franzi with water, because I wanted to have that shiny skin. And the lingerie (from Hopeless in Australia and custom made pieces from Romania) I brought also suited the rough location.

Outtake #3

On my way home, I finally had my Berlin bluntness moment. The bus driver insulted me in good old Berlin style because I didn't have change for the bus ride. It just made me smile again.

After the hot day, a thunderstorm came up and many flights were cancelled. But luckily, my flight home to Frankfurt was right on time. What a lovely day in Berlin with intense images for Sublime.