Sublime Stories (7 of 30)

Sublime Stories (7 of 30)

When I meet girls that love to express themselves, it's wonderful. Jelena is like that. She adores nude art and simply loves to act in front of the camera. This might surprise you, but quite a lot of the women that work as nude models are extremely shy and insecure. So, it felt refreshing to work with Jelena.


Paris is my favorite city in Europe. I love the architecture, the people, the whole atmosphere. So, it was only natural to me, to photograph some of my pictorials here. Paris in August also means, less people, less traffic, lower prices. And even though it felt odd to see so many closed stores, I enjoyed every moment here.

When Jelena arrived, we clicked immediately. I mean, we were on the same wavelenght. Passionate for nude photography. I also had the chance to exercise my French, even though I also believe I sound a bit dumb when trying to articulate myself in a foreign language. Anyways, as you can see in the photographs, we didn't need many words and understood each other non-verbal.

Jelena in the mirror

Time flashed past. And soon we ended up with around 600 shots in different lingerie and with full nudity.

Somehow I am proud of Jelena. She is such a positive woman and did not mind if her private parts were in the frame. Some girls do mind this and fear it will look cheap or pornish. But Jelena poses with high self-esteem, so she's simply kicking ass in every frame.

On the couch

Sorry, if I sounded too enthousiastic. But the shoot just was one of these moments, where I believed everything I saw through my camera. Like a documentary maker. I only captured what was there.

I had been fully in a flow and this is such a great thing to experience. Being able to work like this (and meeting another artist, in this case, Jelena) feels so much nicer than staging photographs.

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