Sublime Stories (2 of 30)

Sublime Stories (2 of 30)

My whole book is about contrasts. Outdoors vs indoors, small breats vs big boobs, natural vs artificial and so on. Contrasts help to create interest, I learned in art school. And Benidorm, the secret capital of skyscrapers in Europe, had always been a dream to me.


Benidorm feels so unreal. A city with over 300 skyscrapers, many of them higher than 100 meters. And they form s skyline directly by the shoreline. You can call this a major mistake, an architectural nightmare, but it also is a place with magical attraction. The climate is wonderful, you almost have guaranteed sunshine throughout the year and it looks a bit like a cheap version of the famous Copacabana.

The perfect place to shoot a photo story in my opinion. As you might have noticed, three things always play a role in my photo stories:

  1. beautiful women
  2. stunning locations
  3. thoughtful styling/color sets
Stunning view
Pitiful and admirable at the same time

I was born in 1976, my childhood in the 80s was a formative time. Maybe you know this from yourself, when you're getting older you begin to look back at the good old times.

And this is what it's all about: Benidorm makes you feel like you're traveling back in time. Back to when life was easy and you had all the carelessness of a child. I am sure, this is a common feeling.

As a child I played outside in the streets every day. We played soccer and we went rollerskating. This was a big thing, before BMX bikes came out.

1980s rollerskates

So, I bought an original pair of 1980s rollerskates on ebay for this shoot. Damn, they smelled nasty. I tried all kind of chemical products on the inside. Put them on the balcony for several days. It was a tough job to get them clean. But finally I managed.

The idea was to showcase a crazy skater girl on the promenade of Benidorm.

Convincing arguments

But it was super difficult. The locations that I had spotted via Google maps turned out to be yucky. Full of broken glass and vomit to be exact. And on the promenade there were simply too many people. Even right at sunrise.

So, I figured, I better reduce this series to the quintessence. What was the reason I came here? The feeling of the past, skyscraper central. A fascination beyond architecture. Nostalgia.

Nostalgia is the warm, fuzzy emotion that we feel when we think about fond memories from our past.