Cover for Playboy Germany

Cover for Playboy Germany

Photographers are vain people. They live for applause. Maybe it's not such much about vanity, but about being seen and appreciated for what you do. So, I am very grateful that my work has been put on the cover of Playboy Cars, November 2018 issue.


This issue has a turn cover. That means, if you flip the magazine by 180 degrees you can read it from the back to the front. It's like two Playboy Magazines put into one.

I am very happy that Playboy Germany decided to feature my photos with a DeLorean DMC-12 and even put it on their cover.

Introduction © Playboy 11/2018

For the shooting with the car known from the back to the future movies, I worked with model Maria Demina from Moscow. I flew her in, because I felt she was the perfect match. Wonderful curvy figure, in great contrast with the sharp lines of the car. Truly jaw dropping, but yet reserved, to balance out with this beautiful old sports car.

To see the full story, you can find it at newsstands everywhere in Germany from now. Or you can buy your copy here (free shipping). There's also more to see in the Playboy Premium section.

And then, there's yet more of Maria in my coffee table book Sublime.

Side by side: Sublime and Playboy Magazine November 2018