Celebrating Sublime

Celebrating Sublime

Recently I had a wonderful presentation of my new photo book in Frankfurt. It was a lovely evening with yummy food, tasty drinks, photos and stories about my work.


After three years of photographing for Sublime, it was very special for me to share these moments with my guests. We had a lot of interesting talks about my travels, the locations and the specific shootings. I was asked funny questions, e.g. if I fall in love with the girls I photograph and overall we had a big laugh and many drinks together.

Four of the models from the book came to the presentation and all of them took long trips to get there. That was quite a surprise.

I would like to thank Jonas Skorpil and Moritz Reich for capturing photos from the evening, so I can share them with you. Now, enough words, here come the pictures:

BTS Video © Moritz Reich
Evoking memories © Moritz Reich
Erika from Petit Boudoir © Moritz Reich
Katia being interviewed by RTL © Moritz Reich
Me holding a little speech © Moritz Reich
Signing books © Moritz Reich
BTS Wall © Jonas Skorpil
Exhibited works © Jonas Skorpil
Cowboy Boots from my pictorial with Terez © Jonas Skorpil
Various Quiches © Jonas Skorpil
Pretty and proud Paulina © Jonas Skorpil
Me being happy © Jonas Skorpil