Feeling Frisky

Feeling Frisky

As my second photo book is going to be available soon and Frisky is no longer an item in my menu bar, I decided to create a page in my blog, allowing you to look at my first photo book. Still feeling frisky, after all these years.


Frisky came out in 2014 and was published as a limited edition of 1,000 books. It became a huge success and was sold out in only eight months. I am very thankful for the feedback I received.

Even today, people still ask me for copies of Frisky. Unfortunately I have only my own three copies. There are no further copies for sale. The only thing I can do is to keep this page up, so you can at least watch the behind the scenes videos.

Maybe it is a small comfort for you to know that my second book is very good, too.

Shopping window @Leica Gallery
A print sheet from the cover
Shopping window @Walther König
Feeling frisky. Apt to do anything, anywhere.

And what a funny coincidence this is. One of the girls who bought Frisky and sent me a photo of herself checking out the book together with her cute poodle, is in my new book. I flew to Ibiza with her, where we took images on the rocks.

Rubia and her poodle