Hello Instagram

Hello Instagram

Instagram is the new Facebook, they say. In Germany it's a big thing and a lot of people speak about this platform. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. But now, I am finally signed up with an Instagram account, too.


Wow, this is a funny site. So many people share their lives as if they were celebrities. And having many followers makes them think they are something special. I knew this before and these were the reasons why I wasn't having an Instagram account before.

But in more and more productions that I had, images for Instagram feeds were made. A girl I photographed recently told me how stressed out she was because she has to post to Instagram every few hours. She said it and the next minute she took a selfie during our shooting to feed her followers.

Strange world, isn't it? A bit too much ego boosting going on in this platform, in my opinion. But well, I was asked so often about my Instagram that I had to move with the times. And so, here I am now.

As you probably can imagine, Instagram isn't the perfect place for showcasing a portfolio of a nude photographer. I will simply make sure to post only less nude pictures, so I don't have to make black bars on breasts and so on.

Basically Instagram just works as another platform, not to get forgotten. We are all over-saturated by media in today's world. So you need to make sure to pop up everywhere once and a while.

I will continue to update my website with one new photo series per month, I promise. But if you just like browsing Instagram's feed, please make sure, my Instagram account is in your following list, too.

Now, I feel less old.