Shoot like

Shoot like

When I was asked by Marc Gerst, if I could imagine to take part in a production where they showcase how photographers work, I didn't hesitate one moment. We flew to Barcelona and I was filmed during a typical shooting of mine, then interviewed about how I work.


The resulting product is a two hours HD video of me working on eleven setups and it gives a true look behind the scenes. Nothing was staged, they were just around for the shoot.

For me, it was a first time experience, being accompanied by a film crew for two full days. Many things I do, I just do intuitively and being forced to explain why you do what, makes you learn a lot about yourself, as well.

Shoot like...
... in Barcelona

Krolop & Gerst are known in Germany for constantly delivering high quality work, workshops and tutorials. So, it was an honour for me, to be part of this program. The videos are in German language and available from the Krolop & Gerst store for instant download.

Me (on the left) with Marc Gerst in Montjuic