Webtalk with Ben Hammer

Webtalk with Ben Hammer

I was pleased to welcome Ben Hammer in my dining room to speak with him for one hour about my work as a photographer. Being in front of the camera surely isn't my favourite thing, but once you forget the cameras pointing at you, it's alright. And it was great to tell my stories.


Ben Hammer was a supporter of my work from the early days. I think he promoted my calendar already five years ago. We had never met before but had spoken about doing a webtalk, so I could introduce my book.

Luckily, my book was sold out faster than I had expected. Still we met for the webtalk. A big thanks to Teymur for the professional filming. It was a nice setup in my apartment. And it was a pleasure, getting to know Ben Hammer, who's real name actually is: Ben Hammer. Just in case you wondered, like me.