Movie inspiration

In the 1980s, quite a few films were shot that shaped my youth or conveyed the feeling of the time incredibly well. When I was a child Crocodile Dundee was cool. But I refer more to the teenage years and blockbusters like La Boum or Dirty Dancing. And there are also lesser-known strips.


Career Opportunities is one of them. Ok, it's not an 1980s movie anymore. It's a 1991 American romantic comedy film starring Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly.

One of the soundtracks to this movie — A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song — showcases short sequences and give you an idea of a romantic theme being locked in a supermarket at night as a young couple.

The movie did not go very well in Germany even though they tried to emphasize in the marketing that it was written by "Home alone" John Hughes. No kidding, the German title is Kevin's cousin alone in the supermarket. I prefer the original title: Career Opportunities.

If you wonder what inspires me about this movie, jump to 2:00 minutes in the clip below. I could watch this scene on repeat.

P.S. What Monica says in the YouTube comments sounds so true, too:

This song perfectly describes the feeling of meeting someone and feeling an immediate connection and everything is so real in that first month and you feel like you could fall in love with that person but instead things fizzle out and you end up watching 80s music videos on a sunday night.