On the Ravages of Time

Every photographer has their own style. The longer I work as a photographer, the more I notice how my style consolidates, how perspectives and poses repeat. Sometimes I'm afraid of being able to keep up with the zeitgeist. It's just that I don't want to become the old guy who still takes photos from twenty years ago.


Unfortunately, I know some fellow colleagues to whom exactly this has happened. They still take the same photographs today as they did 30 years ago. And that's why it's so important to me personally to withstand the test of time.

I consume a wide range of information about current trends, follow different media to see what others are doing. But actually the most interesting things are produced by other creatives. On Tik Tok and Insta it is really difficult for me to find inspiration. I am certain, inspiration can be found there, too. But it is well hidden behind a lot of nonsense. That shouldn't sound bad, those apps are just brutal time-wasters. Let's be honest.

In my childhood it was different. We simply followed the popular bands. And inspiration came straight to the living room via MTV. Music videos were running all day and trends like turning a camera at an angle when filming were quickly felt.

It's not about imitating things. But as a creative you need visual input. It's like visual food. Food for my eyes. And so I decided, even without MTV — because the station seems to play Sponge Bob more than anything else now — I want to watch music videos on YouTube.

Following the Zeitgeist

This gives me a feeling of what style is hip right now. I see what young people do and stay young in my brain, develop new ideas in keeping with the zeitgeist — hopefully without becoming embarrassing.

In case this ever happens, please let me know.


Music by Dua Lipa:

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