Wild Shopping

A guy who calls himself Kikiboy is bored by romantic photosets. He wants to do love stories with models. And here's one from the streets, filmed at Topshop in Russia with two fun girls.


In this section of my blog it's all about inspiration. Where I find inspiration. Looking for inspiration means to be always open for different perspectives. Thinking out of the box.

So, I stumbled upon the work of Kikiboy. A guy who uses a camera to put up a show. His life is the show and he wants to display the love stories he has with girls. He clearly states that the typical sensual photographs bore him. So he documents his sex life.

It's something you don't see often. And some of his shots are really good. He also states that if he touches a girl, he was in a relationship with her. Overall his work still looks disturbing to me. But this is part of the analysis process of seeing something different as well. To clearly understand that others cross lines that you would never exceed.

But originally, I found this fun video of two girls dressed up in rompers inside a Topshop, displaying their underwear for fun. It's something you can only create when you are young, I guess. Entertaining to watch:


Film by: Kikyboy