The days after

Have you ever realised that broken feelings and melancholia is what counts in the art world? A song that cries with emotion will touch you more than a happy tune. I deeply had this feeling when browsing Ben Hammer's latest book.


A while ago, I wrote an article about a photographer friend from Cologne who published his first book. Now, his second book is out and it's called »Tage danach« (The days after). He always dreamt of producing a monograph and when he met a girl called Katharina, the time was ripe for it.

The book is very personal. A love story with no happy ending. Still it ends with a positive conclusion about life. Ben created a piece that takes you up close on a journey through his emotions. It kind of is the opposite to the smiley happy world of instagram. It's an intimate and unadorned love story.

Illustrations by Lucy Bohr

The photo book is printed in black and white. Ben Hammer made all photographs with analogue film which probably emphasized the mood a lot. For a full understanding, Ben Hammer added poetry and personal notes to the photos. Those are written in German. And I really enjoyed the illustrations by Lucy Bohr, too.

Ben created a 10 € discount if you buy the book (or the bundle of books) with this link.