Fleurs du Mal

Halloween means nothing to me. Yet, I had to smile when I re-watched this advertisement from Agent Provocateur which was featured at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Unique, for sure. Check this out.


When it comes to presenting underwear, some brands are old-fashioned others dare a lot to draw attention. Justin Anderson directed a daring one for Agent Provocateur for sure. Just perfect for Halloween. It is a tongue in cheek horror film referencing about a lady home alone who is attacked by erotic zombies. A classic makeover story: Miss Goodie-two-shoes turns into leather-clad vixen. I hope I didn't give away too much now. Please, see for yourself. Happy Halloween!


Director: Justin Anderson for Epoch Films
Creative Director: Sarah Shotton
Markting Director: Ginta Gelvan
Starring: Kirsten Varley from Select Models
Post Production: Glassworks London