Opel Manta and Manta CC

Looking back, it turns out, I have always been a visual person. My childhood still plays a role when it comes to creating my photo stories. I memorize scenes from the past and get nostalgic feelings. With the internet, you can easily dive back into your childhood.


The Opel Manta was a common car where I grew up. Some guys in my streets had it. It was considered to be a sports car. As a kid I had no clue about cars and to be honest I don't know much about cars now that I am adult, either. But watching this seven minutes clip about the Opel Manta and Manta CC makes my heart jump. This little video takes me back 30 years and if you took some screenshots and printed them out, I swear, it could be me as a child in some of the shots.


via The Wheel Network