Start Dreaming Pink

Sticking close to the zeitgeist and not losing touch with the life of the young generation drives me. Curiosity makes me wander through the world with my eyes wide open. And inspiration can even be found in advertisings.


Actually, the more I think about this, I would even correct myself: Inspiration can be especially found in advertising. Because ad agencies do the same thing that I am after. They want to connect to their audience by sticking close to the zeitgeist. By boiling down the feelings of their target group and putting this into pictures.

So, congratulations to cinematographer Garret Hardy Davis and director Steven Brahms. You did a great job with these ads! They feel fresh, young, wild and sort of summarise the spirit of the time.


Cinematography: Garret Hardy Davis
Directed by: Steven Brahms
Production: Goldteeth & Co.