Henrik Purienne is a photographer whose work I follow for a long time. I remember first having found his website when I was still attending design school, so that must have been around the year 2000. His photos stand out because they transport the lifestyle of the seventies so well. Now, his second photo book is out.


On 260 pages, you will find an enormous range of images from his personal and professional life. Jet-setting between his native South Africa and Los Angeles, Purienne captures alluring women, sun-bathed beaches, and exotic interiors that bring back memories from my child hood. For example, I saw a white Citroen, the type of car my parents used to drive when I was a kid.

In his images, nudity feels so natural. You don't think about it. It simply exists, like a matter of course. To me, this makes Purienne's photographs so enjoyable.

After having seen his works in LUI magazine most recently, I am very happy, his second book with Prestel was published now.

© Purienne
© Purienne
Purienne and model

Purienne still shoots on film. That's his trademark. And while I personally cannot imagine photographing with film these days, I totally dig the grainy 35mm look he produces.

But what strikes also is the fact that the photographs totally adapt to the spirit of the times, the contemporary Zeitgeist. Travelling back in time visually while retaining today's look, is simply adorable.

Purienne's images often include scratches and other imperfections, but mostly it's the sunshine and pure holiday feeling that evoke pleasurable memories. The way he shoots, invites the viewer to be a voyeur. As if Purienne allowed you to take a look at his private photo album.

If you enjoy the power of youth, adore beautiful women and love the sun, this is a book for you.


Purienne: Holiday

ISBN: 978-3-7913-8271-5
25 x 30 cm ( 9.8” x 11.8”)
260 pages with 250 photos

€ 49.95

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