A slightly different kind of diffusion

A slightly different kind of diffusion

I have written about diffusion filters many times on this blog. Recently I bought lace socks for a shoot and the quality was so lousy that I could not use them. But they gave me an idea.


A quick recap: what am I looking for in diffusion filters? I want to soften the overly perfect look of the digital a bit and give the photo a more human touch.

This works wonderfully with filters in front of the camera. But if you can smear grease on a lens (no, thanks!), surely you can put a sock over it, too.

Me photographing Christiane

A pair of tights would do the trick, but they're a bit big. Footies like the ones I bought are ideal size-wise. And since mine were an absolute bad buy, I'd rather recommend some from Calzedonia for 4 EUR here.

Not sponsored by Calzedonia, this is only a suggestions by me.

Admittedly, you look a little silly taking pictures with it. I wouldn't necessarily go to a client like that. Or would I?

The result is surprising, though!

I would perhaps compare it to a Black Pro Mist 1/2 filter in terms of softness. Of course, if you don't make a hole in the center of the sock, it will eat sharpness. So no matter how perfect the focus, the image won't be as crisp.

Anyway, with the sock you can intercept a few photon packets and thus manipulate the digital image result. That was not a super-scientific explanation, but it makes sense, doesn't it?

It's a dreamy effect - straight out of the camera. Very nice, isn't it?


If you look closely, you can see the structure of the mesh fabric in the upper corner of the picture.

Even if it doesn't become my favorite diffusion, such a sock is so easy to pack in the camera bag that I will always have one with me in the future.

Again, thanks to Christiane for taking these shots with me!

Always a pleasure.