Coffee Table Book: Modern Analogue Sensual Photography

Coffee Table Book: Modern Analogue Sensual Photography

The dark season is somehow always time for thick books, I believe. And exactly such a book has just been published again. It's not a picture book and not a textbook, but a hybrid from Krolop and Gerst. Who is Gerst, anyway?


In 2015, I was already allowed to get to know Marc Gerst, because he led the production Shoot like..., where I was accompanied on a photo shoot to Barcelona. We had many interesting conversations and he is similarly camera shy as I am.

That's why Gerst is unknown to many people out there. Martin Krolop simply appears much more on stage and is more present through their YouTube videos. But as they say, still waters run deep.

And so out of the woodwork, quite surprisingly, comes a 527-page, 2.7 kilogram heavy book in a thick rick that deals with analog black-and-white photography.

Beautiful women
Retouch explanations
Light setups
Behind the scenes

Beautiful women

To my delight, the subject of the photos is my personal favorite: beautiful women. Along the way, there is also a lot to read and for me this fits very well with analog photography. You have to take more time and deal with it more intensively.

Somehow I had connected analog photography with available light. A complete fallacy! Marc shows how you can make great light setups using flash light (or LEDs) in analog photography. From intensified window light to huge softboxes from vertically above.

My personal highlight are images that show how analog photos are post-processed. What areas to brighten and darken. With the various analog cameras shown, the Mamyia 645 AF made me think directly of my good old Phase One medium format camera.

Medium format is something great. If I were to try it again, it would probably be analog. This Mamyia camera is a real gem and — this may sound silly — the sound of the shutter release is terrific.

This book is for all fans of black and white photography and everyone who is enthusiastic about analog photos. With additional explanatory texts, anyone, amateur or professional, can still learn interesting things.

The high quality production of this book is a highlight anyway. Thank you Marc and Martin for this great book!


Wer ist eigentlich Gerst?

Hard Cover with box
127 € plus shipping
527 pages
28 x 21 cm
2.7 kg

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This is not a sponsored post. I recieved the book as a surprise gift by Krolop & Gerst, but I write about it only because I wanted to with no strings attached.