Refresh your French

Refresh your French

I love the playful easiness of French women, their imperfect, almost randomly looking style and the self-confidence they have in their appeal. It's a French thing that allows women to look and feel sexy while being strong and confident, on eye level with men. If you want to work with them, however, I recommend you to learn their language.


And the language is... French! I guess that is a heritage from the old twist with England, but French people are not so much into speaking English at all. Of course, you can't generalise this. There are French people that speak excellent English. A lot better than me. But even among young women, at least among the models I have met, French is by far the more popular language. And they sort of expect you to speak their language, too.

So what can you do when you only had French in school for a couple of years and have lost it completely?

Anna — a Russian woman who has nothing to do with this article

Freshen up your French!

  1. Think about basic vocabulary, you need on set
  2. Practice
  3. Enjoy the shoot!

As learning French is really hard, I found a way to practice it in a better way. There's a fast language learning program by Pologlottus which is a free offer by them. And they use a whole different vocabulary.

I bet, if they had these kind of lessons for us when we were teenage boys in school, we had eagerly learned all of it. I mean French sounds super sexy. The sound of the language carries love in it.

Anna by me

It's never too late to learn, I believe. And to be honest, German is just as complicated as French as a language. As French is fun, I decided to do my homework and refresh my French. And as I am 100% positive you would have never taken me seriously, I decided to provide you with the links and a PDF for you.

I am so German making such lists...

All the French you need

Communication is key, especially on set. And as I am often in Paris, it was very handy to refresh my vocabulary.