Profoto B10 Flash Head

Profoto B10 Flash Head

For more than 15 years, I use Profoto lights. Now, if they asked me, I would have given them this wish list: Make it smaller, lighter, so I can take it on a plane, remove the cable and make it chargeable while using. Oh, and if you could add a display with large numbers, it would be nice, too. Profot hasn't asked me. But they still fulfilled my wishes.


Size comparison B10 and Acute Head

Last weekend I had the chance to get my hands on a Profoto B10. Usually I prefer to shoot with daylight only. But especially in winter time, I need more light. Sometimes I use flash or just the setup light. As I couldn't get a proper AirTTL remote for my Sony, I decided to shoot with the B10's setup light, only. It is easily adjustable and you can change the color temperature. It's a LED which of course is much nicer than the one from my old flash head.

Fits in my small camera bag
Rear view

The battery lasts rather long. I would say, about two hours. But then, you don't have to give up. You can simply charge it while shooting. This is wonderful. Don't forget to bring an extension cable as the one from the charger is short (which is good for putting it in your bag).

I am quite impressed by how easy the handling of the whole thing is. Put it on a small tripod (I used the Manfrotto 5001B) and you are ready to go. It's nice not to have a cable flying around. Quick and easy handling.

I couldn't test the TTL functionality, the bluetooth control with the app (currently no need for this on my side), but I am sure to use this wonderful flash head again in the near future.

Comes with a backpack