A tripod that fits in a pocket

A tripod that fits in a pocket

After a couple of years, you can judge better what gear is useful and what stuff rests in the drawer for years. There's one little camera tripod I am constantly using and that barely anyone knows. So, I thought, I tell you about it.


Size comparison

The T-Pod is a lightweight traveling tripod that is capable of carrying a weight of up to 4 kg – with a magnet mount. I was doubtful when I read the specifications, but now I am using it for a couple of years already. The magnet is really strong and the tiny ball head works well, too.

This is a tripod that goes in your camera bag and won't take up much space. So you can always take it with you, just in case. As a backup sort-of. I barely shoot with tripod, but when you suddenly decide to take a photo of the stars at night, want to film yourself in a short video clip or need a little support for filming, the T-Pod is a great tool.

I did not want to spend a lot of money on a rig for filming when I barely need it. So, this tripod is a good compromise. As it is tiny and short, you can press it on your chest while filming. Today, a little bit of shakyness is wanted in video clips by clients. Totally stabilized footage easily lacks soul, so the T-Pod does its job.

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