Pre-sale with 17 € discount

Pre-sale with 17 € discount

A sale with a discount is normally made when something doesn't sell. Due to German legislation, however, this is different for my book.


The Book Price Fixing Act in Germany, which is binding for everyone, including me, allows discounts of 20% before a book is published. This applies in particular to expensive titles such as illustrated books. It is not common for paperbacks.

And since the book price is fixed after publication and there can be no discount promotions, I have decided to offer a discount in advance.

So it's not because I couldn't sell the book. Nor is it because I need to raise money to pre-finance it. I simply want to sell all books as soon as possible.

With my first coffee table book, Frisky, it only took 8 months until all the books were gone. It was a time where 200 books went over the counter in book stores all over the country which sped up the process, obviously.

With my second book, Sublime, however, it took more than 2 years. And then it gets tough, when in addition to my work as a photographer, I also work as a bookseller on the side and have to go to the post office almost every day.

Storage space is also expensive and I can't store 2 tons of books on 4 pallets in my own apartment. I'm really talking about very large quantities of paper here. And so I would like to get all the books into your living rooms as quickly as possible.

To motivate you to do this, I am offering a 17 € discount on advance sales.

Now we're finally getting started and I'd like to mention who this book is actually for.

»Mellow« is a book for everyone who loves nude photography and colors. In other words, for enthusiasts, collectors and people who want to give others a gift. That's not such a bad idea with a book that is limited to 1,000 copies. There will be no reprint and therefore the book is also interesting for investors.

My previous books are now being sold second-hand for several hundred euros. On the one hand, that's a shame because I naturally hope that the books will stay in your cupboard or on your coffee table. On the other hand, once you've bought it, it's your copy and it's none of my business what you do with it.

Printing is next week — I am super excited.

Please don't wait too long, because the pre-sale has started well and will end soon. If you want to save 17 € on your purchase, please grab it now.

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