Playmate Production July 2023 for Playboy Germany

Playmate Production July 2023 for Playboy Germany

My fourth Playboy publication this year is now on the newsstand. I'm very happy to finally be able to speak about this pictorial, because it was a very nice production in the Canary Islands. Working there is simply a dream.


Sometimes I have the feeling that I have already photographed everything. But that's nonsense! In the end, it's always about a beautiful woman in my photo series and the exotic charisma of the July playmate gave my location an additional vacation feeling.

Somehow I'm especially happy again that my color concept worked out. It's so simple: pick one color and buy accessories, in the corresponding color range. And poof the pictures fit together very well.

Of course, it helps that I've been to the island more often and knew that there is this sports field with a wall painted light blue. Matea has painted her nails accordingly. In the China store on the corner we bought a light blue bath towel. And borrowed a skateboard with light blue underside. I had already brought the blue sun hat from Germany.

I enjoy it when it all fits together. I know, I'm a nerd in that respect. Like someone who only eats his steak cooked medium rare. But just in terms of photos.

And then there was this old windmill. In Germany, something like this would be a tourist destination where you have to pay 5 € for parking. Here I could just take a few photos, did not disturb anyone and was not disturbed either.

By the way, the slightly blurry effect in a few photos is because I was bold enoough to use my Black Pro Mist filter. It kind of matched the mood. And for the backlit star effect, I took the liberty of screwing my star filter in front of the lens. Of course, you can't overdo things like that, but I think it's very nice that Playboy gives me the freedom to develop myself creatively and to make such artistic decisions autonomously.

Selfie after the shoot

Working in the sun is just beautiful. However, the sun is sometimes really merciless and photographically a challenge, especially when you cannot find any shade. But this is really complaining on a high level. When the sun is shining, it's just easier for everyone involved in the shoot. Sun puts you in a good mood.

By the way, I haven't figured out yet why I get sunburned very quickly in Tenerife, but not in Fuerteventura. How can the sun's radiation be so much stronger a few hundred kilometers to the south that even sun protection factor 50 is no longer sufficient?

I'm getting a little off topic. We are dealing with a tanned beauty and it's really not about me at all!

Cover Playboy 7-23 (by Ana Dias)

If you want to see more of the July playmate, you can buy issue 07 of Playboy Germany on newsstands now. Just watch out for the cover with Cathy Hummels (shot by Ana Dias). Or simply get the the digital edition. Or even more pictures (48 photos to be exact) at Playboy Premium.