Precious coffee table books

Precious coffee table books

Recently a friend told me that he had seen my first coffee table book at an art auction. For the very first time, a copy had appeared for sale on Catawiki. Out of curiosity I followed the auction and was very surprised what a high price was paid for Frisky.


The platform on which artworks and photo books are best traded is called Catawiki. In Germany, the Dutch company is unfortunately not very well known (even though they even have a German website). However, there are many auctions (and bidders) in the Netherlands.

In my opinion, the presentation is more professional than on eBay and more suitable for art and books. Experts review and estimate each auction before it goes live. Trading is safe and trustworthy.

My stock in 2014

My books (and artworks) always appear in limited editions. From my first coffee table book Frisky 1,000 copies were printed. They were sold out within 8 months and I could have sold even more. But you don't know that beforehand. And I was also very happy with 1,000 books.

People still regularly ask me if I might still have a copy of Frisky. And therefore I was also pleased that a book was now auctioned on Catawiki.

Frisky changed hands for a whopping 260 €.

I didn't really realize that there are people who see a coffee table book as an investment. The returns are enormous, though. In this particular case, it has been a return of investment of 490% after 8 years. Hats off!

And a bit of a pity that I wasn't auctioning the book and don't have anymore copies to sell.

Auctioned for 260 €

So if you own a coffee table book of mine, you can rejoice. It is something valuable. And if you ever run out of it or are short of cash, you now know where to get rid of the book.

Please also keep this increase in value in mind when my next book is published.