Boobs versus butts

Boobs versus butts

How did breasts and buns become a turn on thing? And are men more into boobs or behinds? Is this universal, I mean is it the same around the globe? Did you know a brand even sells marshmallows that are shaped like butts and breasts?


It's a hotly debated topic whether men are more turned on by boobs or buns. You find so many articles about this on the internet. And as you clicked on my article, it probably shows this is a topic of interest for you, too.

I am not a scientist and not so much interested in the psychological aspect of all of this. But for me as a nude photographer, this is important because some images sell better than others. That's a fact.

And I can tell you from my experience that large breats are selling better than smaller boobs in Europe.


And this is odd, because in the past 30 years, according to several studies, this has changed world-wide. It appears that there's increasingly greater attention to the lower region now. The rear is fast becoming the erogenous zone of choice in the USA, I read. And in Europe?

They say, European men are into full, but not large butts. Hispanics are for buttocks that are very full and African Americans desire butts as full as possible. I don't like this stereotype thinking. But there are definitely certain trends visible.

Have you ever thought that the cleavage looks sort of like butt cheeks? I hope I am putting this right.

I even read some biologists believe that the female bust mimics the buttocks. But wait... this is one of the earliest internet fake news that women developed breasts after they began to stand on two legs to still attract men even when their buttocks are covered up. Pure nonsense! The origin of this myth might have come from a 90s Manga series. Thanks to Jehtro Gann for hinting me on these fake news!

And despite breasts not being anywhere as close to the region of sexual intercourse, this similarity is conjectured to define their attractiveness to men. Others claim that when you were breast fed as a child, you are more into boobs than if you were given a milk bottle.

But what about legs, I wonder.

Who knows what is true? I also read a lot of contrary things. And that Japanese favor small boobs while brits are the opposite. Does this really matter?

The conclusion for me as a photographer is: Round shapes are highly attractive to men. Period. And I really think, it's as simple as that. Curves draw attention. This makes sense, right?

P.S. I would like to state that even though from my experience, large boobs sell better, I am not taking this into consideration when booking models. Actually, I would never encourage a model to get her breasts enlarged. If there's advice you'd here from me (and only if getting asked), it would be to eat healthy and work out.