Casting Call: Searching new models

Casting Call: Searching new models

What a strange year this is! Looking at the past months, it feels just like having stepped out of the washing machine after a turbulent ride. But it's summer time. The best time of the year for me as a photographer based in Germany. And so, I am looking for new models again.


For my two new book projects I am searching for new faces. As always, I am looking for women that I have not worked with yet. The reason for this simply is that I want to have diversity in my projects and allow my viewers to discover new and unseen models, too. Here comes my casting call for new models.

Casting Call

  1. Age 18 - 28
  2. Height-weight proportionate
  3. Preferably no tattoos, no piercings
  4. No fake nails (no plastic nails)
  5. Natural appearance
  6. Long or short hair (doesn't matter)
  7. Cup size B to D
  8. Sporty girls preferred
  9. Communication in English or German

Please don't be afraid to apply, if you are small. For many of my projects, it is of advantage if you're not too tall. For example, when you need to pose inside a sports car.

All of my shoots are paid, but I am not looking for models who only pose to earn money. I prefer to work with women who enjoy to create artful images.

I am based in Frankfurt, Germany but many of my projects are in countries like Spain, Portugal, Belgium, basically somewhere in Europe. I hope to be able to travel more again, soon.

As I plan my shoots carefully from location to styling, I would like to be able to communicate and explain my ideas. In the past I have discovered that I don't enjoy doing that through a translator app. So, basic communication in English or German will be required. I guess, it's more enjoyable for both of us.

If you would like to work with me or if you know someone who could fit in, please let me know.

Very much lookg forward to hearing from you: