My calendar for 2018

My calendar for 2018

In 2009 I created my first calendar. So this year's issue is the 10th anniversary publication. Hooray! It makes me happy to make others happy with my work and I put a decent amount of work into it.


For the 2018 calendar I had quite a few images to choose from. A lot of them were taken outdoors when I was photographing for my next photo book. But then I decided to select only indoor images in the end. It helped me creating one world of colors for all twelve calendar sheets. And my approach was to create something erotic and sensual, without crossing the line. Yet, I wanted add a bit of spice as a calendar image needs to contain erotism in just one photo (and not a series of images).

I always want to please both, people who are into boobs and those who favor butts. I know, this sounds funny. But this is my thinking behind it. And while the model's face and her looks are always most important to me, those factors come into account as well. As usual, I also mixed different types of looks, from brunette to black, blonde to red hair. And then there's a variation in images with the girl looking into the spectators' eyes and the model being dreamy all by herself. Plus the girls come from many different countries: Russia, France, Ukraine, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

Overview of my 2018 calendar

If you wonder why I did not photograph one German girl even though I reside in Germany, the answer simply is: Unfortunately German girls are not so much into posing nude. They fear this might be in their way for a later career. There are some nude models where I live, but when it comes to publications, they are not so keen on it. If any German girl reads this and thinks differently, please don't hesitate to apply to work with me.

Anyways, to sum this up. Again, I put a lot of effort into my calendar publication and never take things for granted. I am thankful for my cooperations with such beautiful girls and quite happy with the mix I created in my 2018 calendar.

When I started out as a nude photographer I never expected to receive such positive feedback from my audience. And while most calendars are being sold within Germany, I also have recurring orders from Japan, the United States and Australia. This is a bit insane, because DHL charges a tremendous amount of money for shipping. From my perspective, globalisation is a great thing as it helps me, making the world a better place (at least those places where my calendar hangs).

In times where there's a big fuzz about objectifying women and forbidding semi-nude advertisements in Germany, I see my calendar as a haven of peace. An object of pleasure. Eye-candy. Hey, please don't take it too seriously. It's just a calendar and if it makes you happy, I am happy, too.

The circulation of my calendar is limited to 200 pieces. All are signed by hand. If you want to grab a copy, please don't wait too long. You can order your copy here. I am shipping world-wide.