Some images make us feel good on every encounter. I offer such works here on the first of each month. These are museum quality limited editions, numbered and signed.

Art of the Month


Time of Magic

Mercury is a planet of ambiguity and ambivalence. It belongs neither to day nor to night, but can belong to both. It is the fastest-moving planet next to the moon, changing speed and direction more than any other.

Sometimes thoughts like this suddenly come to mind and then I'm amazed at how they can be transferred to a photo.

Anastasiia definitely has something magical about her: her enchanting beauty that won't let you look away.


Limited to 10 copies

The edition is limited to a total of ten copies. All prints are numbered, signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Museum quality

The work is printed with Epson UltraChrome K3 ink technology (outstanding print quality, UV stability and at least 75 years of color stability) on heavy Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper (315g/m²).

According to the manufacturer, it is the exclusive symbiosis of the advantages of cotton artist paper and classic barite cardboard.

In any case, it is my favorite paper and guarantees the highest resistance to aging (ISO 9706 compliant). Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.

Work in 30x40cm…

I mount this format in a passe-partout. It is made from acid-free, museum-quality, off-white card that is 2.6mm deep and has a 45° bevel cut inside edge. The passe-partout I use is of significantly higher value than standard passe-partouts.

During assembly, I attached great importance to keeping the work of art permanently archivable. Paper is a natural material that is subject to climatic fluctuations, which is why I only attached the picture to the upper edge of the passe-partout with two strips of Filmoplast 90 (solvent-free, non-ageing special adhesive tape).

… for 40x50cm frames

The stamp and signature are applied to a Herma label that is also free of solvents and acids. I wrote the number of the print (e.g. № 1/10) as well as the title and author in small pencil on the front of the passe-partout.

The passepartout is intended for picture frames measuring 40x50cm. I am selling the picture mounted in a passe-partout, but without a frame. I have put together an overview of suitable picture frames in the 40x50 format for you in a blog article.

24x30cm and 40x50cm

The works in the formats 24x30cm and 40x50cm come without a passe-partout, but of course also with a stamp and signature on a solvent-free and acid-free Herma label, which is attached to the back of the print.

Picture frames have to match the furnishings and are so individually dependent on taste that I am selling the work without a frame.

Sturdy packed and shipped flat

I ship the art work flat and not rolled. You can frame the work directly and do not have to flatten it beforehand.

I use a particularly stable packaging, so that the picture cannot be damaged during transport. Of course, the shipping is traceable and insured. Completely risk-free for you.

The packaging and shipping costs for Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and all EU countries are already included in the price.

Shipping to overseas costs 69.90 €.

Artwork of the month December 2023

Time of Magic

Simon Bolz — Anastasiia, Frankfurt, 2023

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta, signed, numbered, limited to a total of 10 copies

  • Time of Magic

  • Size 24x30cm

    99.90 €

    includes 15.95 € VAT (19%)
    including shipping costs

  • Size 30x40cm
    in 40x50cm passe-partout

    189.90 €

    includes 30.32 € VAT (19%)
    including shipping costs

  • Size 40x50cm

    249.90 €

    includes 39.90 € VAT (19%)
    including shipping costs


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