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A unique experience just for you

Imagine treating yourself to a special photoshoot where you are the center of attention and beautiful, sensual images are created.

I have been working as a Playboy photographer since 2012 and also offer shoots for private individuals. Whether as a unique gift for your partner or simply to celebrate yourself — I look forward to giving you the special experience of a private nude shoot.

Everything starts off relaxed: We coordinate via email, WhatsApp, or phone and discuss your wishes and ideas. After that, we plan a 3-hour shoot in an environment where you feel comfortable — either at your home or in a stylish hotel room. I know some great hotels in Frankfurt and am happy to help with the selection.

On request, I can also organize a talented makeup artist for hair and makeup, so you feel completely pampered.

During the shoot, about 500 photos are taken. After the shoot, I make a comprehensive pre-selection of the best images, from which you can choose your 10 favorites. These will be retouched by me in magazine quality.

Your privacy is especially important to me: All photos remain 100% discreet and are never published.


  • Private nude shoot

  • The entire experience includes a 3-hour shoot and 10 beautifully retouched photos.

    999 €

    incl. 19% VAT and an invoice

    Each additional retouched photo costs 35.70 € incl. VAT. Please note that the costs for a hotel room and a makeup artist are not included in the 999 €.


Frequently asked questions

How does a shoot proceed?

We start slowly. I help you find beautiful poses and look good. Soft music plays, and when a shot is successful, we move on to the next one. This way, the pictures are varied and include full-body poses, portraits, and detail shots.

How much skin will be shown? Can I set my own boundaries?

You decide how much skin you want to show and how erotic the shoot should be. I will never push you to do anything. If you have special requests, please let me know.

How is my privacy protected?

The pictures will never be published. Therefore, I cannot show you reference pictures from other private shoots. Your photos always remain your photos, and no one else will see them.

What if I am unsure or nervous?

With my calm way of working, I will ease your uncertainty. I have more than a decade of experience in this genre and always work with women I have never seen before. It is quite natural for me to deal with uncertainty and nervousness. And a little stage fright is even good, as we want to take particularly beautiful pictures.

Can I bring someone to support me?

You are welcome to bring someone. However, during the shoot itself, you should be able to fully concentrate on me. If your partner or a friend is present, you will not have the same ease in front of the camera as when it is just the two of us.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, everything is transparent. The 999 € includes a preliminary discussion in which we talk about the location, date, your wishes and styling. The shoot takes place without time pressure.

The package price of 999 € includes 10 high-resolution photos that I have edited to magazine quality. If you would like more edited photos, you can get them for 35.70 € per photo (i.e. 30 € plus 19% VAT).

What are the additional costs for the hotel room and makeup artist?

Suitable hotel rooms in Frankfurt cost between 130 and 200 €. Of course, there are also more expensive suites if you have extravagant wishes.

The makeup artist charges 178.50 € (i.e. 150 € plus 19% VAT).

What does the post-processing look like?

In retouching, I make the skin cleaner without making it look artificial. I remove small pimples, soften wrinkles, and ensure a uniform skin tone. Overall, I make sure the colors look better. It is important to me that you still look real and the pictures remain natural. My motto is: A good retouch is invisible because it is done so well.

When and how do I get my photos?

You will receive the pre-selection the day after the shoot. For the retouched photos, I need about 30 to 45 minutes per image. So, it is about another working day. You will receive the images digitally via a download link.

Can I get more than the 10 retouched photos?

Of course, as many pictures as you want. Each additional image costs 35.70 € per photo.

Can I also get unretouched photos?

Yes, this is also possible.

What do you mean by high-resolution images?

I photograph with 60 megapixels. You get very large image data that is very suitable for large enlargements or prints (up to 180x120cm). Specifically, the resolution is 9504x6336 pixels.

How do I choose my favorites?

You will receive a preview online and give me the desired image numbers.

Can I see examples of your work?

You can see my style of images in my portfolio. There you can see professional models. Private shoots remain private with me, and I never publish these pictures.

Do you have experience with women who have never had a photoshoot?

Yes, I very often photograph women who have never been in front of a camera before. As I don't like to be photographed myself either, I can empathize well with such a situation. So you don't need to worry.

Does the shoot have to take place in Frankfurt?

There are no travel costs in the Rhine-Main area. If travel expenses are paid, I can also travel to you specifically for a shoot. I also offer shoots on the Canary Islands every year.

How can I pay?

You will receive an invoice for the shoot and can pay conveniently by bank transfer.

Can I give a photoshoot as a gift?

You are welcome to buy a voucher from me to give a photoshoot as a gift.

Can I use the photos commercially?

The price for this private shooting package is very fairly calculated, so that only private use of the photos is included. This means that you are welcome to make prints of the photos, give them to your partner as a calendar, make a photo book out of them, hang them on your wall. You can do whatever you want with the photos. But you are not allowed to sell them.

If you would like to use the pictures commercially, e.g. on OnlyFans or other portals, I will be happy to offer you a corresponding shooting package.


Fancy a photo shoot?

Are you ready for a break from everyday life and a memory to treasure for a lifetime? A private shoot in a relaxed atmosphere will make you feel confident and free.

Sensual nude photos are a wonderful way to capture your beauty forever. A unique gift to yourself that will bring you joy again and again.

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