The struggle of finding a fitting bra

The struggle of finding a fitting bra

Have you wondered, why you barely see bras in my photographs? If you ever thought, shopping shoes online is difficult, don't even think of looking for bras. Shopping for bras can be a challenging task, and it becomes even more complicated when you're trying to find the right size for someone else.


Every woman's body is unique, varying in shape, size, and proportions. One of the challenges that arise from this diversity is finding the right bra size, particularly when shopping for someone else. Not only do women's bodies differ in terms of overall measurements, but it's also common for the left and right breasts to have unequal sizes. These factors emphasize the necessity of trying on bras to ensure an optimal fit.

With small cup sizes, this is not really an issue. But from cup C, it becomes challenging. So, you might think, you simply look up the bra size on a model's sedcard and shop accordingly. But this it when it becomes difficult.

A French 85E can be the same as a German 70D (or 70DD). Even though, in both countries, the number describes the underbust measurement in centimeters.

I understand that this topic is complex which makes it challenging to develop a single standardized size chart that would be universally applicable to all women. But in Europe alone, there are French, German, British, Italian, and other sizing systems, each with its own method of size determination and labeling.

Another factor contributing to the variance in bra sizes is the diversity among manufacturers and brands. Each manufacturer has its own design and fit guidelines, which can result in differences in the measurements and cuts of bras. But they don't make an effort to describe how they determine the size and where exactly on the body it should be measured. This means that a woman may wear one size in one brand while needing a different size in another brand.

I am surprised that there haven't been efforts made to bring more clarity to this matter, especially considering that online shopping is not a recent invention.

The manufacturers are aware that padded bras, push-up bras, underwire bras, and other types have different characteristics. Therefore, they could attempt to provide a more detailed description of the size.


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Given all these factors, it is advisable to try on bras and not rely solely on size labels.

Without fitting, I cannot shop bras for my shoots. Which is one of the reasons, models are usually topless in my photographs.