Small LED light: Molus G60

Small LED light: Molus G60

Sometime in the spring, my social media feeds were full of ads for an LED steady light from Zhiyun Tech. A real tongue twister company name, but the product immediately piqued my interest.


And so, a little later, I bought it. I opted for the medium strength. The Molus G60 LED continuous light. It has no built-in battery, but for me this is an advantage. Because in airplanes there are upper limits for rechargeable batteries, which one may transport. Batteries must be generally in the hand luggage and I am already scratching hair's breadth at the permitted limit.

Looking right into the Molus G60 at 50% strength

The light is so small and light, I immediately liked it. The combo pack also includes a fun softbox that is cleverly folded and easy to stretch out.

Since I flash with Profoto, I don't have any light modifiers with Bowens mount, but that doesn't matter. The Molus G60 light works best for me as an indirect light source, for example to illuminate a wall. Or as a video light for interviews, for example.

60W is absolutely enough. To be honest, I use it mostly only at 50%. I like continuous light more and more, although it has to be said that this tiny LED does not replace the power of a flash.

Included softbox and the tiny LED light on a regular tripod

You should also be careful when using different color temperatures. I mean, if the ambient light has a very different color temperature than the color temperature you set on the LED light (warm to neutral is possible here). Such — I call it — operating errors are a huge hassle later in post-processing. But the light can't be blamed for that.


I purchased the Molus G60 myself (and this is not an affiliate link to the product). This is not a sponsored post and I am only writing about it because it is an enhancement to my equipment list.