Smallest artworks in the world

Smallest artworks in the world

For the past few years, I have traditionally offered a quartet of small artworks in museum grade quality in passepartouts in December. This year three new series are available again. But already in November.


Since I will be on a production abroad in early December, it doesn't make sense to offer these artworks then. After all, they are well suited as a small Christmas gift or as a souvenir for the Christmas party. So you better have them before the season begins.

Lina Linn

I actually do not like it so much to postpone such fixed dates as my Christmas special print of the month. But look on the bright side: this way you have one month less to worry about gifts for Christmas.

I keep talking about Christmas, but you can also just put the four mini artworks on the shelf, hang them on the wall or give them as a gift. You don't need Christmas for that, and the best thing is to think of yourself when you give a gift. Why not just give yourself a gift?

Nausicaa Yami

The prints are again of excellent quality. In high quality mounts and printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta. Small but mighty, so to speak. Please read this with a wink.

Sergeant Ice

There are three black and white photo series with four motifs each. On the one hand there is Lina Linn seductively in black stockings. And Nausica Yami in the bedroom in Rome. As well as Sergeant Ice at the pool and in the water.

Of course, you do not have to choose and can also buy all three series. I will not stop you from doing so.

Each set is limited to 10 copies. First come, first served.

Nothing is more stupid than waiting for the mail. That is why I have prepared all these works of art in advance. They are each stamped, numbered and signed. And I am ready to ship immediately!

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