Can I take your photo in the Canary Islands?

Can I take your photo in the Canary Islands?

Escape the winter chill and join me in the stunning paradise of the Canary Islands this upcoming December 2023 and February 2024. Whether you're a content creator looking to amplify your social media presence, a model with dreams of gracing the pages of Playboy, or an individual seeking a private and discreet photo session, this is your chance to capture unforgettable moments in the breathtaking settings of Fuerteventura and Tenerife.


For content creators

Whether you have an OnlyFans, Fansly or Patreon site (or any of the many others), have you ever considered producing photo series in collaboration with a professional photographer? I am experienced in this field and know the Canaries very well.

Picture yourself basking in the golden sun, surrounded by the azure waters and breathtaking landscapes of these incredible islands. I am thrilled to offer you the chance to collaborate and create stunning content that will elevate your online profile or personal portfolio.

Mia on a roadtrip with me
Estrella photographed by the pool

Become a playmate

For aspiring models, this could be the opportunity to take a significant step towards becoming a part of the prestigious Playboy legacy. Obviously, this specific offer is not for everyone. Your chances are higher if you speak German (as I photograph for Playboy Germany), are a sporty girl-next-door type and no nude photos of you have been published in print before.

You should be between age 20 and 28, self-confident and have looked into a Playboy magazine already once in your life (preferably in 2023). I will provide you with more information when you send me an email.

Let's capture your Canary Islands moments — natural, unforgettable, and you.

Your private photo shoot

Privacy is paramount, and if you're seeking an intimate and confidential photo session, rest assured that your desires will be respected and your images will remain solely yours. Together, we can capture the essence of your unique personality, all while enjoying the splendor of these exotic destinations. You decide the degree of nudity you desire.

I can produce a shoot by the beach in bikini, come to your hotel or villa for a boudoir, lingerie or nude shoot or we can work out a themed series (e.g. a roadtrip pictorial). All this can be done with natural light to emphasize and celebrate your beauty.

Don't be shy — or, dear men, a hint with a wink as Christmas is coming up… Surprise your partner with timeless memories: Gift her a Canary Islands shoot with me.

Mia by the sea


Limited slots are available, so please don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to turn creative visions into reality. Let's make memories and art against the backdrop of the Canary Islands' natural beauty. Contact me now to secure your spot and embark on an unforgettable journey of creativity, self-expression, and adventure.

I am happy to help finding suitable hotels for your trip and can also offer to pick you up at the airport.