Calendar 2024

Calendar 2024

For the sixteenth time I am pleased to present my new calendar. For the year 2024 I have again photographed many models and compiled unpublished photos for the calendar. This is what it looks like.


Effy is the cover model. My productions with her in Tenerife were great. I discovered the spot where I photographed her by chance when I was looking for a place to swim. It's a popular swimming spot and so you have to be quick.

Bikini top off and snap the picture before too much attention is generated.

January, February, March and April 2024

January to April I was in different hotel rooms and photographed charming models. As always, I made an effort to depict as different types of women as possible to provide enough variety in the photos.

In keeping with our seasons, I chose outdoor photos for a few months. I would love to highlight the crazy jump from the July calendar page. It's all real here and not a Photoshop trick.

May, June, July and August 2024

I meet the gloomy autumn season with a good swing of cheerfulness and color. With Avery I celebrated a birthday for you and also look forward to the coming winter.

September, October, November and December 2024

My regular customers already know: the calendar is limited to 200 copies. All are hand-signed. Ordering is possible from now on. I hope you like the motifs as much as I do.

My calender will not only brighten up your wall, but it will also serve as a daily reminder that there are still some things in life worth looking forward to. Plus, think of all the great conversations you'll have when your friends come over and see your new calendar. It's the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone who needs a little pick-me-up (wink, wink).

And yes, I know, the calendar is a small bit pricier than last year. But I upgraded to even thicker 350g/sqm paper and packaging and shipping costs have risen. I wish I could stop the inflation, but it's really not under my control.

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