Baking my dream model

Baking my dream model

I just read in an internet forum that Simon Bolz will have it even harder in the future because models will be generated by artificial intelligence. So before it's too late, with a wink, I thought I'd bake myself my dream model.


What comes to mind when you think of a dream model? Dream measurements, right? 90-60-90 (centimeters, not inches!). That's how it was in the 90s. But that's all superficial. So let's start with the inner values.

Good communication

First of all, it would be super important to me that communication works. That is, how do we communicate before the shoot so that the shoot can happen at all. We need to agree on a location and a time, agree on the fee. I need frame parameters like body size, clothing size and shoe size to prepare the sytling. And I need to know about her body as much as possible.

Body modifications

To be precise, I would like her to have no tattoos, to be able to take out her piercings and to have no lips puffed with filler or artificial fingernails. When it comes to artificial fingernails, I'm allergic to those 3cm long pointy plastic nails that are widely popular in 2023. Ew. Otherwise, nails that glitter are also odd.

Please don't make tattoo contact come before eye-contact.

I find natural fingernails great. By the way, that doesn't mean they can't be filed. There are exceptions with artificial nails, too. Shellac can look good if done well. The big disadvantage is simply that nails grow naturally. And if the modeling was only two weeks ago, then the nails have already grown out. Which in turn means that real, natural fingernails are clearly at an advantage.

Of course, the same applies to toenails.

Katia is a dream model and I only use photos of her in this article for illustration purposes. This article is not about her or another specific model.

And I forgot the most important thing: Eyebrows give the face an expression. If they run upwards to the outer sides, this corresponds to an angry facial expression. If they are too wide, it gives a pouty look. And if they are only a 2mm thin line, obviously too much has been plucked away.


For a nude shoot, I think shaved legs are great. Even in winter. And the same goes for underarm hair. Of course, I could touch up stubble in post production. I am also aware how much work body care is. But we're also talking about the fact that I'm baking myself a dream model right now. And she spends time every day taking care of herself and also putting lotion on.

Speaking of skin, of course smoking doesn't work either. Smoking ages the skin. So does tanning bed or sunbathing. All this is not yet noticeable in a 20-year-old. But it becomes visible sooner than you might think.

Inner values

Somehow I came from the inner values directly back to the appearance. I actually just wanted to say that I would like to know what to expect before the shoot.

And also if the model speaks English. I can't work if we can only talk through a translation app on set. It doesn't work that way. And if her partner, uh, I mean agent, is writing with me, but under the model's name, then it gets really weird.


Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for the model to familiarize herself with my work, either. At least it would be nice if she knows who I am and maybe spent one minute on my website before our appointment. 10 bonus points for the dream model who manages this.

This isn't about offended vanity, it's about the fact that she might then be able to directly address issues that are important to her for the shoot. Something like that she only works with covered breasts (which conflicts with my work) or she may only be photographed from one side (which also does not fit for me).

So I think it's great to ask questions. When the model asks me questions, I mean. Ask me anything.

In communication you can tell whether a shoot is going to be good or not. That's what I've come to feel. At least for 80% of the shoots, I get this right.

I'm not a supermodel. I make the best of what I've got.

Kate Moss


Nutrition and sports

My dream model pays attention to her diet and keeps physically fit with sports. Needless to say, you think? I don't think so. Because otherwise I wouldn't have written it on my wish list.


Motivation is a very big keyword. When a model feels like shooting and comes to the set motivated, that's huge. She doesn't whine much. And she's also gone to bed early enough without getting drunk.

She's also enjoyed watching herself in the mirror, loves to pose, and can do more than just facial expressions. She loves to move and knows her own body.

The most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin.

Gisele B√ľndchen

Now, if she has an understanding of art and can get excited about it herself, I shout: "Jackpot!"

The body measurements of my dream model are unimportant as long as the proportions are good. And the inner values are definitely more important than the outer ones.

Because in a photo all these things also become visible: Communication, motivation, body awareness.

Don't take everything quite seriously

As I said at the beginning, I write all this with a wink. Because I have already experienced things this year that would make the tabloids happy, but my lips remain sealed.

In case you are surprised that I don't talk about silicone breasts, the bust doesn't play a special role for me. Whether A-cups or double-D, whether silicone or natural, these are just matters of taste.

And since the question sometimes arises what is better, shaved or unshaved, down below, I honestly don't care. Because I photograph different models and the variety makes it for the photos.

Well, doesn't matter is perhaps too much to say. The hair may already be well-groomed. With strong hair growth, my dream model has brought her pubic hair in shape, so that it doesn't reach the belly button.


I'm not sure now if my descriptions of a dream model are so off-the-wall, so lofty, or if others would also envision such a top-of-the-line model?

If not, I hope the developers of AI models make rapid progress so that I can continue to produce great pictures in the future.