Cars and Girls

Cars and Girls

Before the pandemic, I had planned another book project. I wanted to dedicate a new coffee table book to the good old theme of cars and girls. This cliché topic suits me very well and I was very keen on it. I like cars as a location and I really enjoy photographing women and cars. But the zeitgeist…


In the meantime, however, I have given up on the idea, because the zeitgeist is playing against me. On the one hand, it's the topic itself.

Car depictions with scantily dressed women are no longer considered contemporary and are increasingly perceived as inappropriate and sexist. Such depictions reduce women to their appearance and sexualize them in a context that actually has nothing to do with sexuality.

In recent years, the public perception of sexism and inappropriate portrayals of women in the media and advertising has changed. And even though I am against the objectification of women in my work, unfortunately, there are many people out there who cannot distinguish properly.

I don't feel like being accused of reinforcing sexist stereotypes and discrimination.

Another reason is that cars are not very popular anymore. Global warming, environmental pollution, CO2 emissions. With a book about cars, I would seem like an old grandfather who hasn't understood any of this.

I really appreciate the aesthetics of old cars, though. And so — although not currently in the form of a new coffee table book — I will of course continue to serve one of my favorite genres, Girls and Cars. I never wanted to do it in a cheap way anyway.

Since taste is paramount for me and it's very hard to get great cars for a shoot, here's a little wish list on my part. If anyone knows someone who has such a car and would be interested in a shoot in Europe, please feel free to let me know.

My wishlist

  1. Aston Martin DBS V8
  2. TA22 Toyota Celica
  3. Renault 5 TURBO
  4. Matra-Simca Bagheera
  5. Matra-Simca Rancho
  6. Citroën SM or GS
  7. VW Beetle (as off-road vehicle, jacked up, large tires)
  8. Audi Quattro
  9. Ferrari 308 / 512 / F40 / Testarossa / 512 S PF Modulo
  10. Lotus Esprit
  11. Lamborghini Countach (LP400)
  12. De Tomaso Pantera
  13. Lancia Stratos


To save the climate, I could come to where you live and there wouldn't have to be a lot of consumption of gas for the photo shoot.