Which category do I belong in?

Which category do I belong in?

There are different genres of photography and there is this nice saying that you can't dance on all weddings at the same time. I completely agree with that, which is why I specialized early on. But how exactly?


Spontaneously, these genres of photography come to mind:

  1. Portrait
  2. Landscape
  3. Architectural
  4. Street
  5. Fashion
  6. Product
  7. Wedding
  8. Event
  9. Travel
  10. Food
  11. Animal
  12. Sports
  13. Concert
  14. Nude


I am sure I have forgotten some genre in my list.

I started with street photography. That's the easiest, because all you have to do is move around with the camera and pull the trigger when you see something you like. But as soon as there are people in the photos, it becomes difficult to publish them. And so I quickly gave it up again.

Fashion has always interested me, although I'm a bit of a bore myself when it comes to clothes. But there is a fascination and an interest anyway.

Because I didn't have any contacts in the industry and didn't feel like photographing clothes from H&M on hobby models, I thought I'd give nude a try. That was at the beginning of the 2000s. Really very amateurish back then. And fortunately I no longer have any of my beginner photos.

Nude photography

In nude photography, the representations can emphasize human anatomy, sexuality or artistic beauty and can be both artistic and erotic. I had the subject of anatomy sufficiently in my university studies. With bones and joints as well as nude drawing. I benefited from that.

In the beginning I didn't really know which nude photography genre would suit me. I started with studio photography. And I got bored with it very quickly. Sculptural nudes are not my thing.

With erotic nude, you focus on the sexual attraction and erotic potential of the model. The photos are often provocative and indecent. But above all, cheap and unprofessional. I wasn't in the mood for that either.

Boudoir photography is a bit like concealed nude. Much with lingerie, much is covered. Even though you could say, some of my photos belong to boudoir photography, I somehow never warmed up to the word boudoir. Just like with body painting or bondage. Those things just creep me out, they're not my thing at all.

So it took me quite a while to find my sub-genre within nude photography. And to this day I can't really say which pigeonhole I belong in. A bit of editorial nude, where you show the model in trendy or fashion oriented poses. I mean, the poses in Vogue and Elle are often pretty crazy anyway.

Or would my work be classified as erotic nude or even softcore erotic? This type of photography is characterized by an erotic mood, but without explicit depiction of genital nudity. The main point here is to create an erotic atmosphere and show the model in sensual or seductive poses.

I make art not porn. Sensual and tasteful nude art.

Not so easy, is it? After all, my own credo is really just that the picture has to look good. Either the head cinema starts or at least I like to look at the picture for a longer time. If I could imagine hanging it on the wall, it is definitely good.

However, quite a few of my pictures, probably the clear majority, only work in the context of the series. As a single image it is only mediocre, but in the interplay of the series the overall effect increases.

And that's why many of my photos are more suitable for (Playboy) magazines and books.

I think I just don't like to be pigeonholed.