Small art with a difference

Small art with a difference

Bigger, faster, further. This ever-popular motto has always gotten on my nerves. And because last year I had the idea for the smallest works of art in the world, I thought that this year there should be a continuation.


The special thing about my small artworks is the valuable production. Although the motifs have the dimensions of a passport photo, they are printed in the laboratory in museum quality on the most expensive photo paper. It has an age resistance that will outlive us and to top it all off, I mounted the images in super strong passe-partout boxes 2.6mm thick. Also I didn't use ordinary Tesa film, but an acid-free tape.

Besides, I have limited the editions — as always — to 10 copies. I think a limitation is necessary for works of art. That's what makes them special. So that the authenticity is confirmed, all works are stamped, numbered and signed by hand.

The motifs

It is not so easy to photograph erotic motifs that work as a series of four and in tiny, I have found out. Quite a few beautiful photos don't work in small. It is a funny idea to stand in front of a picture with a magnifying glass, but in reality nobody does that, right?

It takes beautiful body shapes and intensity in expression to make the downsizing work.

Laura brought that to our shoot in Paris. The location — an empty apartment — was ideal for it. Nothing to distract from Laura.



With Alina, I wanted to see if the reduction could also be implemented with a colored series. As a photographer I actually stand for color and so it came down to this attempt. I know, the motifs have become a bit foot-heavy. But Alina has simply beautiful feet in size 36. And I hope you agree?


On my shoot with Nici I used the natural light that fell through the window in the morning. You can't plan something like that in advance.

In the studio it works of course, but not on location, if you want to work with available light. She has really great body shapes and I tried to bring them out so that they look interesting even in the smallest representation.

Framing without glass

When you hold these miniatures in your hand, you realize they look pretty darn good. You don't have to be an expert to see the fine texture of the Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper. It shimmers slightly, but does not reflect. And the paper is heavy like a cardboard.

That's why I had the idea, and it would be my tip, to frame the passepartouts without glass. It's unusual and it might get a little dusty, but that's how the images would come out best, I think.

In this article I put together a collection of frames and sources, from cheap to more pricey.

Those passepartouts I am offering will look great without a frame, just standing on a picture rail. You can get those at IKEA in six different colors and lengths for example.


Ideal for giving as a gift

With an invitation, you always don't know exactly what to bring. A bottle of wine? Or a few chocolates? That is boring, isn't it? Always the same.

How about one of my mini-series? Or just one motif from it? As an artist I have such fantasies, but if you prefer to hang the pictures on the wall yourself or put them in your drawer to the other photos from your collection, of course, I understand that, too.

I went a bit out on a limb with the price. But money is not so important to me and greed is repugnant to me. For this reason alone and because the Christmas season is a time for giving, I have priced the sets of four at 99.90 EUR incl. VAT and incl. shipping within Germany.

As we're getting closer to Christmas: I am ready to ship the parcel directly. No waiting for the lab to produce the pictures. I made those in advance to speed up the process. So, please expect a super fast delivery from me.

You can still grab one of my miniature sets here. Only until the limited edition is sold out and only this December. January 1st, there will be the next Print of the Month coming up.