Playboy Germany April 2021

Playboy Germany April 2021

I've been working for Playboy Germany for nine years now, and yet it is always a great pleasure for me to see a new issue with a series of pictures photographed by me. That shows how important art is to me and that my work never mutates into a work to rule, no matter what. During the pandemic I often have the feeling that my life happens in slow motion. This makes the April 2021 issue of Playboy Germany even more special for me.


The most important thing for good photos is passion. And it doesn't help if I'm super motivated and passionately working on a series of photos, but the model isn't. Because photography is of course teamwork.

This talk about the great team is often just an empty phrase, but with Playmate Margot I knew that she had teeth and that she was in front of the camera out of sheer passion.

She visited me in Frankfurt in 2019 and asked me for a test shoot. This was when the photos for my 2020 calendar were taken. Her body was great, she knew how to move, and was very photogenic. And above all, she was not shy about it. Nudity was completely normal for her. She kept her strong charisma even after taking off her clothes.

When I first met Margot

After the shoot, I drove her to her accommodation: a simple hostel near the central train station. This is really not the best area in Frankfurt and it showed me that she’s tough and down to earth. That may sound banal, but you can read a lot from such little things.

To cut a long story short, I could look forward to my Playmate production with Margot and was excited to work with her again. And so we had a really fantastic day of shooting. For me it was the first time that I could include a whirlpool into a pictorial and I think it was worth it.

I would like to thank my friend Olli for the Playboy lollipop that I used as a prop in the shoot. And I'm infinitely grateful to my friend Toby for the fantastic location. What Toby has done for me over the years is incredible. I often experience a lot of rejection when looking for a location and when it comes to nude photography in general. A lot of people are really inhibited and very dismissive. Toby has supported me a lot since 2013 and this time he has outdone himself with the fantastic villa with pool location.

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This winter I recognized what the sun means for me. I really noticed it when we saw practically no sunlight in Germany for a couple of weeks. I'm just very sensitive to it and vitamin D tablets don't help that much either. The sun has such power and effect on me that it is simply an elixir of life.

This might sound a bit weird. What I would like to say is that I hope to send a good feeling to you, too, when looking at the images of the April issue. I packed some sunshine into my photos and they suit Margot and the surroundings perfectly.

Playboy Deutschland, April 2021

A very big thank you to Playboy Germany at this point and I would be very happy if you buy the April 2021 issue, whether as a magazine (free shipping within Germany) or digitally (wherever you are).

As I mentioned that Margot is very photogenic, you can imagine, I took more photos than the 12 pages in Playboy magazine. Therefore, I would also invite you to sign up for Playboy Premium to enjoy the complete set of images — 50 pictures in total.