Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Warning: This article is totally off-topic. It has nothing to do with photography, except for that I took the title photo for my blog. I wish everyone happy holidays and as there are no Christmas markets in 2020 due to Corona, here's a recipe for a winterly cocktail to get you into the mood.


Mulled wine is not really my thing, I have to admit. But the smell of it, creates a nice mood for the Christmas holiday season.

Due to Corona, I began to drink alcohol occasionally again. And so, I had the idea to mix a little aperitif with the taste of Christmas.

It's the taste of cinnamon that does the trick, actually. Here's my recipe.

Xmasish Apéritif

Recipe for a winter apéro

Stir well, serve chilled. Cheers!

This is not a sponsored post. I only linked the above ingredients, so you can see how the bottles look. I did not come up with a name for this drink as I have zero intentions to make bar-keeping a hobby.

The drink contains around 4.5% of alcohol. For an alternative without alcohol you could replace both Lillet Blanc and Tonic Water with 10 cl of Ginger Ale.

You can download and print my recipes here.

No more off-topic stuff now, I promise. I wish you all happy holidays. Cheers!

Non-alcoholic version

  • 10cl Ginger Ale
  • 5cl Apple Juice
  • 2cl Lime Juice (= half a lime)
  • 2cl Cinnamon Sirup
Non-Alcoholic version