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March 16, 2017

Dangerous Woman

Most recently erotic clips I found on the internet were either rather cheap or too touchy in my personal opinion. Therefore I was really happy to see the impact of sensuality Martijn Jongeling managed to film with his model.

It is enjoyable to see the softness in this video. Both light and pictures support the message of the clip: A real woman, who is expressing her sexyness and inviting the viewer into the private. Very interesting to see, compared to other popular videos out there. Thumbs up, Martijn Jongeling!


Model: Iris de Vries
Filmed by: Martijn Jongeling with a Sony A7S with Samyang 50mm f1.4
Music: a cover of Ariane Grande's Dangerous Woman

Simon Bolz, Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 (69) 95 82 02 12
Mob.: +49 (172) 620 55 18


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