That Special Herb


My bell just rang. As I answered the door, a DHL guy – dressed in yellow and red – returned a package that I had sent out to Guatemala in December 2014. Yes, correct, 2014. So, 573 days after sending out the package, it comes back to me. What the fuck. I actually find this pretty lame of the postal service in Guatemala, because the insured package was fully declared and had even the phone number of the recipient on it. Anyways, as luck would happen, the book is not damaged. You would not expect this when seeing the wrapping from the outside.

Now, I am trying to get in touch with the recipient. I already e-mailed him and simply hope, he will answer me soon, so I can get this signed book to him. Fingers crossed!

1_DSC1418 2_DSC1419 3_DSC1421 4_DSC1420

P.S. Good ending to a long story! I was able to find the person who this book was for, send him a message and he answered me. My book was a christmas gift from his co-workers, so it was a bit more difficult. But it worked out and I just re-sent the book (nicely wrapped and insured) again, today!